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Excellent Service with a Trusted Partner

Our team of professionals will provide your company with a full-spectrum service. You will receive advice, technical support, training, installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repairs.


We have delivered over 500 machines to our clients in the Baltic states. They have all been functioning wonderfully because we train staff in the correct operation of the equipment, and provide an excellent service. Repairs are rarely necessary, if ever, but we know how to handle these tasks quickly and effectively.


Receive a free consultation from expert professionals. Our staff will find out what you need, consider the specific needs of your business and your development outlook, and offer the best solutions – excellent products by some of the best metalworking equipment manufacturers worldwide.


We provide installation of the equipment we sell, and deliver to anywhere in Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania. Our engineers and technical specialists will ensure quality execution on schedule.

Equipment Operator Training

How can you reach high performance indicators during production? This comes down to having great tools and people who know how to handle them. Our engineers will instruct your team and transfer the knowledge your specialists can use, at any level of competence and accountability.


We can draft an in-depth training plan upon request, and enable your technical personnel to elevate the competitiveness of your entire business with unparalleled efficiency and quality!

Professional Technical Support

Do you require assistance in a technical matter? We are at your service! We will advise your staff and provide technical support remotely wherever possible, or arrive on-site. Whenever the need arises, our specialists are always just one e-mail or phone call away.

Maintenance – the Key to Uninterrupted Production

Regular equipment maintenance allows for the timely detection of potential problems, such as parts that should be replaced soon, before they fail. Maintenance frequency and costs depend on the specifications of a given unit. Please ask our specialists to find out more.

Equipment Repair

We can also repair equipment that was not purchased from Naglis & Err.


We provide manufacturer-compliant equipment repair anywhere in the Baltics. Our qualified staff will quickly diagnose the cause of a technical issue, remedy equipment faults and replace malfunctioning parts.


We repair:

  • multifunctional CNC workbenches,
  • routers,
  • lathes,
  • laser cutting equipment,
  • laser welding benches,
  • guillotines,
  • bending benches,
  • metal bandsaws,
  • and other metalworking equipment, including units you did not buy from us.


Contact our specialists. We will do our best to restore your production as quickly as possible!