Professionaalsed tööpingid ja hooldus

Professionaalsed tööpingid ja hooldus

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Me pakume maailma juhtivate tööpingi tootjate Okuma ja Amada tehnilisi seadmeid ning nende seadmete hooldusteenuseid. Naglis & Err on Okuma esindaja Balti riikides ja Amada esindaja Lätis.

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“The equipment supplied by Naglis & Err is some of the best available in the global market. When deciding on the purchase of equipment, it makes sense to additionally consider the availability of quick service and the possibility to resolve various technical issues with ease. The technical maintenance centre in Riga is the best choice. All of this is available from Naglis & Err.”

Mihails Benderskis
Director, SIA Metkon

“We have been working with representatives of Naglis & Err for 14 years now. It is a reliable company with highly qualified professionals. We believe that at the outset of any partnership one should not only assess the immediate circumstances but also consider the future perspective. We are pleased to have selected Naglis & Err: it is a responsible company and nice people.”

Gintaras Kašuba
Head of AS GFK Sparnai

“We have been cooperating successfully since 2008. Naglis & Err is the official dealer of Okuma machining centres and lathes in Estonia. We highly value their excellent level of service, the quick reaction time and competitive prices. The technical experts at Naglis & Err always strive to finf best solution for the customer.”

Leho Haldna
Managing Director, AS Kolmeks

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