Training of machine tool operators

How do you make a...? We will show you how!

We will train the staff of your company in the operation of computerised numerical control (CNC) machine tools. Your staff will be able to independently operate Okuma and Amada CMC machine tools, compose and edit programs, pick tools and processing modes. A smart investment in making your production processes more efficient and in new product development!

The levels of training:

1)    An operator proficient in the fundamentals of machine tool operation

Basic skills involved in the operation and proper maintenance of CNC machine tools (oil changes, cleaning, adjustment, etc.).

2)    An operator proficient in machine tool operation and basic programming

In addition to learning machine tool operation skills, the operator also acquires the basics of programming – or CNC applications.

3)    Qualified CNC machine tool programmer

Has free command of equipment applications (use of CAD and CAM software: computerised design and manufacturing).

A training plan for your business: be one step ahead of your rivals!

At your request, we will draw up a training plan which can last between a couple of hours and several days – depending on previous skills and the desired level of proficiency. Raise the competitiveness of your business with a knowledgeable technical staff!

Get in touch to find out about training – and produce even more efficiently!


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