Servicing and Maintenance

You won’t need to spend any time on equipment maintenance – we will take care of that!

Equipment installation: fast, accurate, concerted

We provide all the necessary installation services: delivery of equipment within the Baltic countries, assembly, hook-up and personnel training. Our engineers and technicians will ensure that work is completed at a high standard and within the agreed upon timeframe.

Qualified warranty and post-warranty service

We offer full warranty and post-warranty technical maintenance, during which we carry out all the necessary work as stipulated by the manufacturer.

Equipment service agreement: insure yourself against unexpected outages

We can offer you to enter into a permanent service agreement under which we provide regular inspections of the technical condition of machine tools and carry out all the necessary maintenance work. You will not have to worry about sudden breakdowns or production downtimes and unscheduled repair costs: we will monitor to make sure that the equipment always works impeccably and respond swiftly to any complications.

Apply for an equipment service agreement now and have more time to develop your operations!


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