Pre-Owned Sheet Machining Tools

Guaranteed quality

Pre-owned Amada CNC machine tools mean guaranteed quality, similar to new equipment. Metal sheet machining tools meet the highest standards of manufacturing and have the manufacturer’s warranty. You can also acquire high-quality equipment after the expiration of the warranty period – at a very good price! We will take care of the servicing, to make sure that the tools run just great.

Excellent value equipment

Acquire sheet machining tools in good condition that have been used in production until recently for a great price! We offer used Amada CNC sheet machining tools: for bending, cutting and coordinate punching. This is a great opportunity to launch a metalworking business or manufacturing operation!

Reliable and convenient technical assistance

We service Amada equipment that has been put up for sale after plant upgrades or operational restructuring. We arrange deliveries of pre-owned equipment, install it, provide technical maintenance and repairs, and offer the necessary software and training. Our professionals have been briefed by Amada, which means you can be confident that the machines will run as required.

Just ask, and we will deliver the equipment you need!

Get in touch with us and we will tell you more about pre-owned Amada tools that interest you and that are currently available in the Baltics. In partnership with other Amada dealers we can arrange purchases and deliveries of pre-owned equipment from other European countries as well.



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