Amada Sheet Metal Machine Tools

Advanced sheet machining – a boost for expanding your production!

Amada sheet metal machine tools are effective for the manufacture of various metal parts and solutions. Quality by a global leader and laser precision in sheet metal cutting, bending and stamping. This equipment is economical, durable, productive, as well as environmentally friendly, as Amada is not only committed to the needs of its customers but also the world around us.

Workbenches for your production needs

The state-of-the-art software allows equipment to be customised to suit individual production needs: the manufacture of metal parts and components of different shapes and complexity. We will be happy to advise you on specific questions that may interest you.

With Amada, produce more efficiently, economically and environmentally friendly!

Amada metalworking equipment is a valuable acquisition for your production plant. It is distinguished by

  • quality and speed
  • automation for maximum efficiency
  • high precision combined with an ergonomic, contemporary design
  • capabilities that enable a wide range of products to be manufactured
  • easy-to-use planning software to optimise the manufacture of components
  • precision over the long term

Assistance with selecting the most suitable sheet machining equipment

We will be happy to advise you on picking the sheet metal machining equipment that best suits your production purposes. We will train in the operation of the chosen equipment and provide reliable warranty maintenance.

Contact us – we will help you choose the most suitable sheet metal machine tools!


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