Accessories and Software

High-precision and quality metal sheet machining very much depends on the quality of the implements and technical accessories.

  • Implements. We supply standard, specialised and moulding implements for metal sheet coordinate punching and bending from the world-renowned machine tool manufacturers Amada.
  • Technical accessories. We offer a wide-ranging selection of technical accessories for the increased ergonomics and productivity of your equipment.

Software for sheet machining

We offer versatile software solutions for design and programming that will facilitate the productivity of your staff and equipment alike. Amada CAM and CAD software has been developed by the manufacturer specially for Amada sheet machining tools. This means particular ease of use and high precision in metal sheet punching, laser cutting or conventional or robot-operated bending. We provide advice on choosing equipment and software and training to operate them.

Do you wish to find out more about Amada tools, accessories and CAD and CAM computerised control software for metal sheet machining? We will help you!


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