Okuma Machine Tools

Long-lasting, durable equipment for your production plant!

For your production development needs we offer CNC machine tools of the world-renowned Okuma brand: machining centres, lathes, grinders, equipment software and used equipment.

Parts manufacturing machines

Okuma bench tools enable you to produce almost any kind of spare part from just about any material. This equipment can produce complex precision parts for various purposes, from artificial joints to components for aerospace and nuclear industry. These machining tools guarantee consistent precision round the clock, seven days a week, twelve months a year. This means an impeccable standard of quality for your products and a secure production capability.

Produce more quickly, accurately and powerfully with Okuma!

Okuma metalworking equipment is a valuable contribution to production development. It is distinguished by

  • precision, power and speed
  • lengthy periods between maintenance
  • adaptability to various requirements
  • user-friendly software system, networking capabilities, absolute positioning system
  • long-term precision combined with extended operational capability
  • high productivity
  • high resale value

Proven quality

Okuma is one of the oldest bench tool manufacturers in the world. Its machine tools are known for their high precision and durability, which has made Okuma a reliable partner in a number of manufacturing branches since 1898. It is an excellent choice if you plan to develop manufacturing to a superior technological standard and implement forward-looking and environmentally friendly solutions. Learn more about Okuma quality!

Assistance with choosing the most suitable cutting equipment

We will be delighted to advise you on the most suitable cutting equipment for your business. We will train in the operation of the chosen equipment and provide reliable warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

Contact us – we will help you choose the most suitable equipment for your production plant!


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